The Team

The prerequisite for successfully achieving our vision is building and nurturing a harmonious team of people sharing the same passion for the business and going the extra mile to exceed the clients’ expectations.

From this standpoint, Kleos’ visionary team is a tangible proof of the above. The company’s founding members worked relentlessly on meeting the telecom’s market every requirement, infusing their creativity to go beyond that and offer the telecom industry one of a kind, groundbreaking solutions.


Georges El Aily: Co-Founder & CSO.

A specialist in the field of telecommunications, he participated in designing and developing Mobile Broadband Wireless Access technologies in 2003 which led to the formation of the Kleos platform and the establishment of Kleos as an entity in 2006.

In 2004 he was the Technical Director of Ericsson Cordless Solutions Australia. Since 2008, Georges has managed to secure several partnerships between Kleos and prominent players in the US, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and China. Since 2013, he has been directing the design and development of Kleos’s latest platform, Pegasus. Georges holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Sydney (Australia) with 1st Class Honors. He is also the recipient of several academic and industrial awards and has been invited to guest speak at international telecommunications conferences.

Pierre Navidi: Co-Founder & CTO.

Pierre is an expert in Multiphysics numerical simulation and inverse problem solving using machine learning. He obtained his PhD at the age of 25 in a laboratory of the Ecole polytechnic (France), where he continued working as a research engineer in applied mathematics for many years.

His work, using machine learning and HPC, pioneered tools and methods in design and optimization, setting new frontiers in engineering with the fusion of experimental data and mathematical models used in numerical Multiphysics simulations. Some of these methods are still used in various industries such as banking, defense and forensic, biomedical and telecom.

Before joining Kleos, first as CTO and then as CSO, Pierre led major transformation change projects for telecom operators moving to field of packet based communication.

Hani Hoyek: COO

Hani joined Kleos in June 2020 as Chief Operating Officer. He has over 20 years of experience in Banking and Finance. He started at Credit Agricole Indosuez Investment Bank where he worked in syndicating LBOs and then moved to Société Générale where he worked in Structured Finance and then in SMEs.

He joined BLC in 2009 as Head of Strategic Development. He initiated and implemented strategic and innovative development projects that contributed to the Bank internal and external growth. Areas covering Acquisitions of banks, issuance of Preferred Shares, LT direct and indirect financings lines with MLAs, IP based payment Application, Factoring, Governance. In 2016 he headed the Business Development at BLC Bank where he developed and managed a US$ 23 Mios fund dedicated to knowledge-economy based Startups seeking post-seed funding. He is a Board Member of several portfolio companies. Hani holds a Bachelor degree in Economics from Saint Joseph University (Lebanon) and a Masters in Finance from EM Lyon (France).

Russel Shields: Advisor

Russel is an American entrepreneur who is known for investing in and leading Navteq to profitability and finally selling it to Nokia for US$ 8 billion.

Under his leadership, Shields Enterprises International (SEI) developed systems for Time Inc., Motorola, Budget Rent a Car, McDonald’s, as well as helped develop fundamental systems for the U.S. Veterans Administration, Social Security Administration, and Central Intelligence Agency. Mr. Shields holds a BA in mathematics from Wichita State University and two degrees (an MA in history and an MBA) from the University of Chicago.

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Peter Storey: Advisor

Peter is a technology leader in Hi Tech start-ups incl. int’l MetaLASER Group, Wired & Wireless. Next gen Wi-Fi, & LTE Wireless.

Peter holds several patents and has over twenty years of experience in the high-technology & Information Technology sectors where he held key positions with companies such as Ericsson Cordless Solutions, Johnson&Johnson, MEECO, and Aust. Medical and Scientific Systems, Osborne Computer Corporation. Peter holds a Bachelor Degree in Electronics Engineering from The University of Sydney (Australia), and a Masters Degree in Physics from Macquarie University (Australia).

Propietary BTS

Our Base Stations are the product of years of development and evolution. Being one of the pioneers in developing and rolling out End to End full IP Mobile Broadband Networks, Kleos engineers and founders have designed and developed a product line that is all what an operator needs to ensure profitability and customer satisfaction.


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