About Us

Kleos is an innovative company offering cutting-edge products and solutions in the telecommunication and digital sectors. Our objective is to empower the telecom industry to operate at the highest levels of technological breakthroughs by combining innovation with practicality. 

Kleos’ core promise is to provide modern, cost-effective and highly efficient base stations allowing a higher geographical coverage, higher data rates while ensuring a lower latency. 

Our brand name - Kleos - originates from the Greek etymology and means glory, great deeds and high achievements. Our logo features an origami-shaped winged horse - the mythical Pegasus - that symbolizes strength, speed, mobility and heroism.

We, at Kleos, strive to embody these great values in our day to day work and our unwavering commitment to deliver revolutionary products that push the boundaries of innovation, speed and quality.

Kleos aims to position itself as a regional and global player in the fast evolving telecommunication sector and has established offices in a number of key geographies including Australia, Cyprus, France, Bahrain, Mozambique, DRC, Ghana and the UK.