Our corporate governance is geared towards effectively managing our company and dealing with the many challenges that we face everyday, The confidence we share with our stakeholders is enforced by the corporate governance code that optimizes the management system, the overall risk management practices, the reporting transparency and the quality of communication and cooperation between our team and partners. 


Kleos  is governed by the Board of Directors whose responsibility is to assess  the performance, compliance with Kleos' strategic objectives and the application of corporate values. Moreover, the management is responsible for the daily operations guided by internal policies and the interest of the platform and its stakeholders.


Therefore, our board of directors, management, employees and stakeholders work all together to promote and share Kleos’ core values including accountability, fairness, transparency, sustainability and compatibility.


Moreover, Kleos manages the financial affairs by inviting the shareholders’ General Assembly to appoint external auditors for a renewable three year period, provided that the principle of partner rotation is adopted by the audit firm, and this means changing the partner in charge every five years. 


External auditors not only provide an additional layer of transparency to our organization but also have an important impact on the quality of our internal controls through their audit activities, discussions with management and feedback on the overall effectiveness of our internal systems.